Tom Dongo
Paranormal, UFO, ET Researcher.   Remote Viewer.  Medical Intuitive.
"One of the worlds most extraordinarily gifted PSYCHIC, MEDIUM and remote viewers on the planet.  He is a recognized world authority on UFOs and paranormal occurrences.  He is also a writer of mainstream magazine articles and has written seven books on UFOs and the paranormal and what you don't know is...

He is one of the best kept secrets, a Edgar Cayce of our modern times, though he does not need to go into a deep sleep or trance to ascertain the  treasured information from the Akashic records of who you are and what has held you back for lifetimes, that will transform your life forever. 

I have witnessed the most highest ascended beings come to him with direct healing transmissions and new information about the ascension not previously heard or used on this planet.  These include the secrets to humanity's divine blue print, the sovereign right to know who they are at a high level and what they have access to.  He is a walking 'Disclosure' to the whole picture of humanity's evolution on so many levels where other material and forums can be limited.

He has saved countless lives, found the cause and solution to health problems where individuals could find no help from the medical community.   As a remote viewer medical intuitive he has X-ray vision to see into the human body.   Tom uses an ancient, yet highly advanced, proven, remote viewing technique, based on higher esoteric knowledge.  He calls it:  "The Tom Dongo Method"
After his good friend Bob Dean recently passed, and being a senior himself, he had been told and shown its time to come out to share, teach and reveal what he has reluctantly tried to keep secret and quiet which has remained obscure for over 30 years. 

He is a grand treasure and blessings to be here on the planet at this time, and enlighten us in our own revelations of who we are.  The future of our race and the Earth depends on our ability to know who we really are, release what we have previous known that holds us back and use the greatest gift of the universe, pure divine Love. 

With great love and admiration to know, work and study with one of the greatest healers and high level beings on the planet, it is a joy and immense blessing of my life
to be a student, train and work with Tom Dongo's mastery."
~ Shekina Rose
Blue Ray Peace Emissary & Channel of the Blue Ray, Angelic Messenger of the Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light in the 528 Hz Miracles and Love, Star Races Contactee, Author and Healer, Creator Sedona Spirit Portal of the Vortex & Pleiadain stargate Pendant and devices sacred technologies.